Same Day Dentistry

34You’ve had a toothache for a while and have made an appointment to see your dentist. You take time off work, or find a babysitter, or otherwise reschedule a whole day around this visit. It’s already an inconvenience, but you know you need to get it done.

During the visit, your dentist notices some tooth decay and he breaks the news to you: You have a cavity. At this point, many practices will have you schedule another appointment to take care of it. Oh no! There goes another day!

This scenario happens more than you know. You may have had it happen to you before! The truth is, as much as you may like us, we understand you want as few appointments possible. At River Dental, we give you a second option.

To The Rescue!

If you’re ready to take care of that cavity, then so are we! With same-day dentistry, your cavity can be taken care of right away. No need to make another appointment, take more time off work, or reschedule a whole other day.

More Than Cavities.

Cavities are not the only things you may need to worry about. We offer many same-day dental procedures. Once diagnosed, we will let you know if it can be done in the same day.


stock-24Convenience | It’s simple. Who wants the hassle of extra appointments?
Less Time Consuming | Time is precious. Sure, your appointment may turn out a little longer than expected, but you won’t have to take extra time out of another day.
Less Missed Work Days | That extra time taken for another appointment can equal to loss in income, or (in some cases) loss in paid time off that could be used for other things (such as a vacation!)
Ease of Mind | When you have to drag out the procedure, you’ll likely find yourself worrying about it. With Same-Day Dentistry you can be done in that same visit and can relax. It won’t be just another “to-do” on your list.

Schedule with Confidence.

Dr. Cronin knows how valuable your time is. River Dental is ready to take care of your needs as quickly and conveniently as possible. Make an appointment with us today!