Dentures can be an easy, attractive solution to instances of missing teeth. If you’ve ever wondered whether life might be better with dentures, talk to us! We can answer any questions you might have and recommend which of our denture styles will best meet your individual needs.

Complete Dentures

Our complete dentures are a full set of new teeth for those who no longer have their natural teeth. These beautiful new teeth will fit comfortably in your mouth, restore your jawline, and make speaking and eating much easier. 

If you still have some or all of your natural teeth but are interested in dentures as a tooth replacement option, let us know. We can give you sound advice on how to move forward and get the restored smile you’re looking for.

Implant-Supported Dentures

While traditional dentures are still an excellent solution for many patients, there are some who wish dentures came with a bit more stability. For those patients, we have an innovative solution: implant-supported dentures!

These convenient dentures can replace a set of teeth by permanently adhering to dental implants that are placed in the jaw for maximum stability. No more slipping or clicking. You can eat and speak with ease when you have implant-supported dentures!

You’ll never need to worry about misplacing your dentures or having them shift in place in your mouth. Instead, you can replace missing teeth with solid, reliable dentures that stay in your mouth like your natural teeth did!

Partial Dentures

If you are missing teeth, dentures are a great way to regain function. When you have a unique combination of missing and healthy teeth, partial dentures are a way to get a full set of teeth again!

Your partial denture is customized to meet your needs. We replace the teeth that are missing with a denture that fills in the gaps to give you a fully functional mouth. Your partial denture can be removable or permanent, depending on your needs and your health.

You Have Options at River Dental!

Regardless of which style of denture is best for you, we are confident that your dentures will improve your quality of life. Expect greater confidence and a more comfortable eating and speaking experience with our beautiful dentures.

Contact River Dental today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our denture options!