Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth Whitening?

stock20Teeth whitening is a procedure that helps lighten and remove stains from your teeth. Over a two-week period, you can see a substantial difference in the clarity of your teeth. Are you looking for a whiter, brighter smile? Then this is a great, non-invasive option.

For best results, your whitening should be dentist supervised. For that reason, both in-office and self-care procedures will have a treatment plan and scheduled follow up visits.
Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Look Great and Feel Great | A bright, beautiful smile can affect the way you feel about yourself. When you feel good about yourself, so do others.
Perception | People with whiter teeth are often perceived as healthier by others. This can have a good effect on your professional and personal life and help you feel more confident and self-assured.
Safe | A dentist supervised procedure means we check that your gums are not irritated by the procedure and that your teeth are getting the correct amount of solution.
Convenient | Most teeth whitening procedures can be done from the comfort of your own home. Self-care means less office visits and more control.

What’s the Process?

The process for teeth whitening is fairly straight-forward.

  1. Make an appointment. Your dental visit will include a diagnosis of your teeth to make sure you’re a good candidate for teeth whitening. We’ll let you know your self-care and in-office options, and create a custom mouthpiece.
  2. Self-care. Once your mouthpiece arrives, you will take home a whitening solution. Whitening instructions may vary, along with your specific needs, but don’t worry! We’ll tell you what your specific treatment will require. It’s important that you follow the instructions, use the right amount of solution, and make your scheduled dental appointments. We want to make sure the process is going well and you’re experiencing no irritation or sensitivity.
  3. In-office. If you need a stronger solution than a self-care kit can provide, your procedure may need to be done in-office. We’ll keep the mouthpiece in office. Treatments may include the use of a light or heat source.

One Simple Call…

… and you’re on your way to a whiter smile! River Dental is ready to set your appointment today!