Dental Implants

dental-implants-couple-truck-river-dental-arWhat are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are artificial posts that serve to hold a bridge in place. Made of titanium, these replacement “tooth roots” will also hold a single tooth. When you have missing teeth, the bone may begin to recede. Implants are a great way to help prevent bone loss.

Dental implants do require surgery, and are not for everyone. It’s important to discuss with your dentist the best options to meet your needs. River Dental will give you a complete examination and answer any questions you may have.

Dental Implants Benefits

Long Lasting | Tooth replacements and bridges can last you 10 years, with proper care and oral hygiene. When it’s time to replace your false teeth, the implant is already in place to take the new teeth.
Keep Your Jawbone Healthy | Losing a tooth can lead to bone loss, which affects the jawbone. An implant can help stimulate bone growth, strengthening your jaw.
Improve Your Appearance | No one likes how they look with missing teeth. Using an implant to replace that missing tooth can improve your smile and overall appearance.
Easier Eating | Unsecured bridges can slip and slide in a mouth, come loose and cause all kinds of uncomfortable, embarrassing eating accidents. False teeth stay in place when secured with implants. Eating can be fun again!
Improved Self-Esteem | When there’s no fear of a bridge coming lose and there are no missing teeth, it can be easier to smile. An easier, more confident smile can lead to higher self-esteem.

I’m Interested. What Happens Now?

dental-implants-couple-beach-river-dental-arThe first step is knowing if dental implants are right for you. To determine if you’re eligible for implants, we will examine your mouth and give you a diagnosis. Then, we will develop your treatment plan, which will help us decide how many implants are needed, where to place them, and the best method to use.

Next, titanium posts are implanted, usually into the socket of the missing tooth. This procedure is called an endosteal implant. Sometimes, there has been a lot of bone loss and the jawbone is too shallow. In this case, the implants are placed in or above the jawbone, under the gum, which is known as a subperiosteal implant. Your jawbone will grow around the implant, securing it in place. It can take anywhere from six to twelve weeks for complete healing.

Once it’s healed, we can attach the false tooth, bridge work, or restored crown to the post. With your false teeth in place, it will be up to you to keep good oral hygiene and the recommended dental visits.

Appointments are Available!

At River Dental, we know that any surgery can feel scary. Our experienced and trained team is ready to make the process as simple and comfortable as possible. Trust us to help return your confidence in your smile. Call us today!